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  • left pic of Korean bell flower, right has pic of Persian lilies.

    15 Gorgeous Bell Shaped Flowers for Your Garden

    15 Beautiful Bell-shaped flowers to consider for your garden this spring. These flowers will add interest and color to your garden. Beautiful, floral gardens are a form of art. Designing and creating a delightful, colorful, and vibrant garden requires not only brushing up on the gardening skills, but also paying attention to the small details […] More

  • Hebe flowers in bloom.

    Flowers that Start with H

    You’ll love this list of flowers that start with H. They will all add beauty to your flower garden If you have ever wondered which flowers start with the letter H, we have compiled an extensive list for you here today. There is a large assortment of flora that begin with the letter “H”, but […] More

  • Pink tulips growing.

    Flowers that Mean Friendship

    Here are several flowers that mean friendship, to help you find that perfect flower for your friend. True friends are the people who are there for us through thick and thin, standing on our side when everyone else leaves. They encourage us to stay strong, to keep on working on our dreams, and never give […] More

  • Pink camellia flower.

    11 Flowers that Look Like Roses

    Adding flowers that look like roses to your landscape is a great way to add some color and beautiful flowers to your yard. Roses are beautiful but can be difficult to manage and be very time intensive. If you don’t have the gardening skills to grow roses or you want to try out flowers that […] More

  • Pink persian lilies

    25 Beautiful Flowers that Start with P

    Trying to find flowers that start with the letter p? Here are a ton of options. For gardeners there are so many choices of flowers to plant that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start looking. You can choose to find flowers in several different ways. Planting the ones you are familiar with or […] More

  • Bells of Ireland

    15 Beautiful Green Flowers for Your Flower Garden

    If you’re looking for some beautiful green flowers to add to your flower garden, check out these options to find one you love. We’ve come to associate the range of green hues in nature to signify that Mother Nature is healthy. With that in mind, you can infuse your yard with a sense of Mother […] More

  • closeup of pink floxglove flowers.

    How to Attract Hummingbirds to the Garden

    Hummingbirds are so fun to watch. Learn how to attract hummingbirds to your garden. Hummingbirds are such an interesting bird.  They flap their winds so quickly and their beaks are so different from other types of birds.  They are a lot of fun to watch though.  They zip around and the sound as they move […] More

  • pruning peony back.

    Peony Care in Fall

    Learn what peonies need for care in the fall to make sure they survive winter. The Peony is slowly gaining the popularity it deserves. There’s no denying that it is now the IT flower of the Spring and Summer seasons. But, since it is a perennial, how do you care for Peonies in the Fall […] More

  • Collage of 4 photos: top left to right and around - purple columbine flower, red astilbe, blanket flower, pink peony flower

    Full Sun Perennials

    Planting full sun perennials in your yard and garden is a great way to fill in areas with beauty.  These flowers are beautiful and all love the sun.   Planting perennials in your flower garden is a great way to add a pop of color to your yard. But the best thing about perennials is that […] More

  • Closeup pic of a bunch of pink peony buds.

    Best Peony Growing Tips 🌺

    Best peony growing tips to grow the healthiest, most beautiful peony flowers. Peonies are one of the most popular garden plants.  They have beautiful and attractive fragrant flowers. These plants are perennial plants and can grow up to a maximum of 3-4 feet in size whereas some woody shrubs can go as long as 11-12 feet […] More

  • Zinnia flowers in yellow, red, pink, and purple.

    Best Easy to Grow Flowers for Beginners 🌺

    Here are some easy to grow flowers for beginner gardeners or gardeners who can’t seem to grow flowers. There are numerous flowers that everybody should be able to grow. Since many of the most gorgeous flowers around often require little watering and even less daily tending to, there’s a good chance you too can have […] More

  • collage of 4 flowers - night blooming water lily, Brugmansia, four o'clocks, evening primrose.,

    12 Gorgeous Night Blooming Flowers

    Adding a moon garden with night blooming flowers is a great way to have a unique and beautiful garden. There is nothing like walking outside into your garden all in bloom. Many avid gardeners design their gardens to feature different floral pairings and showcase plants that draw the eye and hold the person’s interest. Lots […] More

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