12 Gorgeous Night Blooming Flowers

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Adding a moon garden with night blooming flowers is a great way to have a unique and beautiful garden.

There is nothing like walking outside into your garden all in bloom.

Many avid gardeners design their gardens to feature different floral pairings and showcase plants that draw the eye and hold the person’s interest. Lots of gardening enthusiasts also are interested in planting flowers that bloom at night.

Here are some beautiful night blooming flowers to add to help you create a moon flower garden.

Gorgeous Night Blooming Flowers

Night Blooming Jasmine

Organic Night blooming Jasmine cestrum Nocturnum Plant grown

Night blooming jasmine, also known as Cestrum nocturnum has a wonderful fragrant scent and blooms at night. These beautiful flowers are white-yellow, are tubular shaped, and are a bushy evergreen shrub.

These flowers grow best when they are planted in full to partial sun. If they have too much shade though, it can cause these flowers to not have as many blooms.

You’ll find that night blooming jasmine blooms repeatedly during the summer and they grow best in zones 9 to 11.

Evening Primrose

Evening Primroses thrive in their native woodlands, and each evening the flower reveals an almost-goblet shaped delicate floral bloom.

Their colors range from white, pink or yellow making this one of the most colorful flowers in a night blooming garden.

You will want to plant these night blooming flowers in full sun for the best growth although they will tolerate some shade if it is not too harsh or long.

Extended periods of deeper shade will eventually limit the plant’s ability to produce their signature night blooming flowers and can stunt the plant’s overall growth as well.

The evening primrose is also one of the earliest of the known night blooming flowers to bloom come springtime, and they grow best in growing zones 4 to 8.

Queen of the Night

NIGHT-BLOOMING CEREUS Queen of the night

The beautiful night blooming flower, Queen of the Night grows best planted where it can catch morning sun that isn’t too harsh and have shaded afternoons so the sunrays won’t scorch their tender blooms of these impressive flowers that bloom at night.

This flower is considered a member of the cacti family, and the plant thrives best in growing zones 9 to 12 or in more tropical climates.

Some call this flower an orchid cactus, because this flower blooms a large fragrant white bloom at night. By morning, the flower wilts leaving only the spiky green vines on which the flower grows. Many gardeners pluck these flowers during the night to bring them inside.

Their fragrance is sweet and aromatic when the rest of the world is asleep.


The moonflower is another terrific night blooming flower that produces large white blooms that grow from gorgeous vines able to grow to an astonishing 10 feet in some cases.

The seductive fragrance of this flower has been coveted by women for centuries.

These flowers grow best as a perennial in growing zones 10 to 11. They can also be grown in zone 9 if they are an annual variety.

These flowers seed themselves by forming seed pods. These can be prevented by picking off already bloomed petals before this occurs.

The moonflower does well in full sun for the best blooms, and the plant is not picky about soil concentration although they will thrive best in loam that is nutrient-rich.

Dragon Fruit Flowers

Dragon fruit Selenicereus undatus Live Plant Cactus

Dragon Fruit Flowers offer a sweet scent and its edible fruit can be used in candy, jams or other delectable sweets.

This flower will only bloom once a year during the nighttime hours.

These plants grow best in zones 10 or 10a to 11. Gardeners should take care when the temperatures climb as these flowers will wilt when the temperatures reach over 100 degrees which is common in some areas of the country and world.

After the plant flowers once, it may begin to develop tasty fruit. This delicious fruit has been revered for centuries especially among the wealthy and royal population groups.

Night Blooming Water Lilies

2 RARE Night blooming White Cereus Cuttings

A terrific addition to any flower garden is a water feature such as a small water pond or fountain.

The Night Blooming Water Lily is ideal for this purpose. These lilies open-up their stunning blooms after sundown, and the petals will stay open throughout the night until closer to morning.

These lilies can be white, pink or a shade of red, and their petals form a cuplike embrace as they unfurl open.

Placed across a lily pond, these plants can actually help keep the temperature of the water cooler as the wide plant leaves cover and shade the water beneath them. This is a perfect addition to a small goldfish pond or other water garden feature.

These flowers that bloom at night grow best in zones 9 to 10.

Four O’ Clocks

Marvel of Peru Four O' Clock Seeds USA Garden Flower Color

Another fantastic night blooming flower is the Four O’ Clocks. These blooms can range from white and several other shades such as yellow, pink, rich magenta and red.

This plant can have different colors of flower petals even on the same plant.

As a perennial bloom, this flower should be planted in zones 7 to 10. When using the plant as an annual, the four o’ clock will grow in most locations across the United States.

Plant your four o’ clocks in full sunlight or partial shade with at least 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight everyday. Leaving the plant in shadow too long will limit the flower blooms that will be produced.

Night Gladiolus

Night Gladiolus flower.

The exotic appearing Night Gladiolus will bloom in late spring to early through mid-summer. The large flower blooms emit a delightful spicy scent that will draw butterflies to your garden. The stems of this plant can grow to heights of 4 feet tall, and the creamy yellow colors are simply magnificent.

The night blooming gladiolus also comes in other glorious hues like reds, lavenders, pink, rose, burgundy and the classic white. Considered a relative of the iris, these flowers make an excellent addition to any garden that needs some night blooms to show off. The corms of this plants should be planted in the fall. Go for full sunlight and ensure that the soil is well-drained. Always protect this plant from frost.

Casa Blanca Lily

12 Casa Blanca Lily BulbsFREE SHIPPING

The elegant Casa Blanca Lily produces large blooms of white that look wonderful in floral arrangements or a wedding bouquet. These flowers seem to thrive best in growing zones 5 to 10 giving gardeners a nice range of options to consider.

These majestic but somewhat delicate plants need a lot of daytime sun for the blooms to blossom during the overnight hours.

However, great care should be taken to ensure that this plant’s tender roots are not left exposed to harsh sunlight. Make sure the shallow roots are covered and shaded to protect the entire plant.

The Casa Blanca lily is considered an Asian variety of the popular lily family. These plants typically grow taller and produce larger blooms than traditional lily varieties usually seen in this part of the world. Grow these lilies from tubers in the spring or fall.

Chocolate Daisy

Berlandiera lyrata Chocolate Daisy 15 Seeds

Who doesn’t love the sweet scent of delicious chocolate? This Chocolate Daisy draws hummingbirds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators to your garden. The distinctive scent of the chocolate daisy will repel deer living nearby.

The lovely yellow daisy-like flowers have a darker center. This plant is considered a hardy variety, and the flowers may begin in the early spring about April and may last until the fall months arrive.

These flowers grow best in zones 5 to 11, and can grow in many locations right here in the United States.

These flowers do not need drenched with water, but gardeners may want to increase the watering times when the blooms are developing on the stalks. The chocolate daisy is considered an herb, and the smell of chocolate may entice gardeners to splurge on some real edible chocolate treats.


Tuberose single Mexicn bloom size bulbs set of 6   FRAGRANT

The night blooming tuberose has been harvested for centuries by indigenous people groups in Mexico called the Aztecs.

In late summer, the tuberose will unfurl its exquisite star-like floral clusters during the evening hours. The plants stems can grow to 3 feet high. The blooms of the tuberose are one of the most enduring fragrances and this flower is used in countless perfumes and other fragrance related products.

These blooms make a fine addition to any flower garden and their height can showcase other flowers in your garden perfectly. The waxy texture of the floral petals helps transfer pollen and draws in common pollinators with its enticingly sweet scent.

Each floral bloom opens from the base or bottom upwards towards the spiky portion of the plant.

Expect to see tuberose blooms beginning in the middle to late summer months. This is generally about 90 days or longer following planting.

For more blooms, just snip of the floral clusters at the stem to encourage more blooms to develop and blossom. Plant these plants in the spring after the last frost in cooler tropical climates if possible.


Mixed Angel Trumpet Plant Brugmansia Suaveolens Plant Easy To

The majestic Brugmansia is considered a tropical plant easily recognized by its trumpet shaped blooms that tend to dangle downwards from the stem.

This flower is also known as Angel’s trumpet due to its unique flower shape. This floral plant produces an array of different possible colored blooms from reds, pinks and orange hues to yellow or white shaded color tones.

The time of when the Brugmansia blooms will depend upon its exact species and where it is growing.

This plant can bloom anytime from the spring season to the autumn months. Some will bloom all year round. A few varieties bloom ever 6 to 8 weeks and others will not bloom until the weather is a bit cooler. The plant is native to the regions of South America. Many gardeners plant this flower in a pot that they will grow indoors.

Final Thoughts on Night Blooming Flowers

Planting a few carefully placed flowers that bloom at night can transform your ordinary garden into a gorgeous showcase that others will admire and even envy.

There are many stunning night blooming flowers, and any of these blooms will add charm and enchantment to your overall garden design with little effort or cost.

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