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  • hand holding ripe strawberries attached to plant.

    How to Grow Strawberries in Your Backyard Garden

    Are you interested in growing your own strawberries? Growing strawberries is a fun and rewarding way to enjoy fresh, juicy berries right from your own garden. Strawberries is something that we can never get enough of in my house. We love eating them in desserts, adding to our smoothies and making homemade strawberry jam with […] More

  • 15 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Scraps

    Learn which vegetables you can regrow from scraps as well as how to regrow them! Have you ever wondered what to do with your vegetable scraps? Believe it or not, many common vegetables can actually be regrown from kitchen leftovers. This eco-friendly practice is not only an easy way to recycle food waste but also […] More

  • Tomato plant with leaves curling.

    Why are My Tomato Leaves Curling and How to Fix It

    If you’re wondering “why are my tomato leaves curling“, check out the reasons and how to fix this below. Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables grown. Whether you just started gardening or you’ve been at it for years, chances are you have some kind of tomatoes growing in your garden.  But why do […] More

  • celery being transplanted.

    How to Grow Celery

    Celery isn’t the easiest vegetable to grow in your backyard garden, but it is so rewarding when you harvest it. Learn all about how to grow celery so you can be rewarded with this wonderful veggie. Parents everywhere know the power of a snack made of celery with peanut butter. But celery is much more […] More

  • Closeup of hosta plant.

    How to Care for Hostas

    Hosta plants have lovely foliage that are perfect for adding to your landscape. Hostas (Hosta x. tardiana) are the go-to perennial plant for shady landscape areas. They require minimal care and their attractive foliage add textural interest as well as bloom color to the landscape from early spring until the first frost of fall. There […] More

  • Daphne in bloom.

    15 Amazing Shrubs for Shade

    15 Amazing shrubs for shade that do well planted under trees If you ask garden owners if they are excited for the upcoming spring and the chance to redecorate their gardens, they will all confirm that they can’t wait to bring the colors back to their beloved gardens. But, they will also agree that there […] More

  • Collage image: Left Rhododendron flower in purple-pink color. Right: azalea flowers in pink.

    Rhododendron vs Azalea

    If you are wondering what’s the difference between rhododendron vs azalea, you’ll want to see the differences below. The similarities between rhododendrons and azaleas are amazing. The two plants even have the same Latin name – Rhododendron – but there are also quite a few differences between the plants. Both azaleas and rhododendrons are popular […] More

  • Dill growing in bloom.

    Best Dill Companion Plants

    Here are some of the best dill companion plants. Not only do other plants make a great companion to dill plants, but dill is excellent with many other types of plants. Dill is an annual aromatic herb with a savory, citrusy flavor. It’s often used to enhance the flavor of fish recipes and dips, and […] More

  • pea plants growing up stakes in a strawberry planter.

    Growing Peas in Containers Easily

    Learn how to easily grow peas in pots. Using pots and buckets to garden, is a great way to garden in small areas. If you love fresh peas and like to garden, consider growing your own fresh peas. If you don’t have a large gardening area, you might be wondering how to grow peas in […] More

  • Freshly harvested shallots bunched together.

    How to Grow Shallots

    Shallots are such a great culinary item to grow in your backyard garden. They are fairly easy to grow and a great crop to plant in fall. Shallots, also known as the multiplier onion and gourmet onion, tastes like a cross between an onion and garlic and looks like an over-grown green onion. Even though […] More

  • Closeup of large cabbage head.

    How to Grow Cabbage

    Learn how to grow cabbage from seed, how to tell when the cabbage head is ready to harvest and how to harvest. Cabbage is one of those foods you either love or hate. Some can’t stand the mere smell of it, let alone eat it. Others can eat it weekly with ham or sausage and […] More

  • fennel growing.

    How to Grow Fennel

    Learn how to grow fennel, a wonderful herb where both the bulbs and the flower buds are useful. It’s a popular plant that is has medicinal properties that has been used since ancient times. Fennel is easy to grow and makes a great addition to teas, sweet treats, and even helping to increase lactation in […] More

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