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  • lemongrass growing.

    How to Grow Lemongrass

    Learn how to grow lemongrass from seed or by propagating cuttings. Lemongrass is an ornamental grassy herb that is great for growing in the garden and around entertainment areas in your backyard to help with repelling mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Throughout the summer, you can harvest fresh lemongrass stalks to use as biodegradable straws […] More

  • Ginger roots with plant stems still attached.


    How to Grow Grocery Store Ginger Roots

    You’ll love growing your own ginger at home. Growing store bought ginger is easy, and anyone can do it at home starting with a simple small piece of fresh ginger. This simple to grow plant can be very rewarding when it comes to cooking savory dishes, making fresh sweets with a hint of spice, and […] More

  • roma tomatoes ties to a wooden stake.

    Best Way to Stake Tomatoes

    When growing tomatoes, you need some way to contain them.  Here are some different ways on how to stake tomatoes and use tomato cages. Growing up, the one vegetable that was always planted in our garden were tomatoes.  We always had several different types of beefsteak, Roma and cherry tomatoes. This tradition of always growing […] More

  • hands grabbing cucumbers off vine.

    Awesome Tips for Growing Cucumbers

    These growing cucumber tips will help you grow cucumbers that are healthier and tastier! Cucumbers are one of the most versatile vegetables. They are a great addition to any salad, provide another layer of taste in a sauce, can be pickled, or can be eaten straight from the vine. Growing cucumbers is also one of […] More

  • pruning peony back.


    Peony Care in Fall

    Learn what peonies need for care in the fall to make sure they survive winter. The Peony is slowly gaining the popularity it deserves. There’s no denying that it is now the IT flower of the Spring and Summer seasons. But, since it is a perennial, how do you care for Peonies in the Fall […] More

  • dill flower.

    How to Grow Dill

    Wondering how to grow dill in your garden? You’ll find it’s easy to grow and you’ll love having fresh dill for pickling and using in your cooking. I love the smell of dill in my garden! I also love using dill in my cooking and canning. Anethum graveolens, aka, Dill, is a perennial herb that […] More

  • Purple artichokes.

    Growing artichokes guide

    Growing artichokes is super easy to do. The taste of artichokes is mild and delicious or you can let your plant flower and the artichoke flowers are gorgeous. I probably say this for almost everything I grow, but I love growing artichokes! They are one of my favorites. When a few of the artichokes first […] More

  • Collage of 4 photos: top left to right and around - purple columbine flower, red astilbe, blanket flower, pink peony flower


    Full Sun Perennials

    Planting full sun perennials in your yard and garden is a great way to fill in areas with beauty.  These flowers are beautiful and all love the sun.   Planting perennials in your flower garden is a great way to add a pop of color to your yard. But the best thing about perennials is that […] More

  • Collage of 4 images - top left is sage, top right is closeup of Pennyroyal flower, bottom right is peppermint leaves, bottom left is catnip in bloom.

    Best Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

    Ready to rid those pesky mosquitos once and for all? These are the best mosquito repellant plants to add to your yard and garden!  Summer months are wonderful, but they bring out insects and mosquitos quicker than you’re ready for. How many times have you felt like your outdoor time was cut short because of […] More

  • Grape jelly in a bowl with grapes surrounding bowl.

    How to Grow Your Own Jam & Jelly Garden

    Having a jam and jelly garden in your backyard can provide the fruits and berries you need to make homemade jam and jelly. Growing your own food at home is a great way to improve the quality of food your family is getting and lower the overall cost. If you enjoy making your own jams […] More

  • Closeup pic of a bunch of pink peony buds.

    Best Peony Growing Tips 🌺

    Best peony growing tips to grow the healthiest, most beautiful peony flowers. Peonies are one of the most popular garden plants.  They have beautiful and attractive fragrant flowers. These plants are perennial plants and can grow up to a maximum of 3-4 feet in size whereas some woody shrubs can go as long as 11-12 feet […] More

  • Illustration of a garden container that says "salsa garden" on the front and with these plants labeled in the planter from left to right: tomato, onion, cilantro, garlic, pepper.

    Grow an Amazing Salsa Garden

    Growing a salsa garden in your backyard is a great way to have the ingredients you need to make an amazing homemade salsa. Have you ever wanted to make your own salsa right out of the garden? Fresh homegrown salsa is amazing and homemade salsa from your late summer harvest is perfect for canning to […] More

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