Flowers that Mean Friendship

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Here are several flowers that mean friendship, to help you find that perfect flower for your friend.

Pink tulips growing.

True friends are the people who are there for us through thick and thin, standing on our side when everyone else leaves. They encourage us to stay strong, to keep on working on our dreams, and never give up.

Our friends are there for is us in our wild nights filled with laughter, when we are celebrating our successes but also when we are grieving our sorrows.

This makes them one of the most important people in our lives. So, the next time you want to show how much you appreciate them and your friendship, consider sending them flowers to bring a smile to their faces and make them feel loved and cherished.

If you are wondering which flowers though, do not worry, we got your back! We have compiled a list of flowers that are great symbols of friendship.

List of Flowers that Mean Friendship

Read on to find out all about the flower meanings for flowers that mean friendship.

Alstroemerias (Peruvian Lilies) – for your closest friends!

Orange Peruvian lilies growing.

Alstroemeria, which is also known as Peruvian Lily, is the first flower that may come to mind when trying to come up with a flower that mean friendship.

This elegant flower symbolizes a strong bond between people, the kind of bond that transcends romantic love or kinship – such as a strong friendship!

Blooming every summer and fall in various colors, these beauties are ideal gifts for International Friendship Day (which is on July 30) or for the birthdays of your closest friends.

Yellow Roses – for rekindling old friendships!

Closeup of a yellow rose.

If red roses symbolize love and passion, yellow roses are the quintessential friendship flowers.

Roses in general symbolize love of any kind, and the yellow color is famous for symbolizing friendship, happiness, joy, and new beginnings.

If you combine these, you get the symbolic meaning of yellow roses – rekindling old friendships with a desire to bring new joy, happiness, and laugher into your lives.

With over 300 species of roses out there, it is not hard to find a store that offers multiple types. Call out your long-lost friends, schedule a meeting and bring yellow roses, you will not regret it!

Pink tulips – for shared happiness on special occasions!

Bouquet of pink tulips laying on a table.

Few flowers can compare to the delicate, tender beauty of pink tulips, especially soft pink tulips.

Classical tulips have been adored by many cultures for centuries, in all parts of the world. And for good reason – they symbolize deep love and are the epitome of perfection!

Pink tulips specifically symbolize affection and good wishes for a special occasion such as promotion, graduation, or simply because you wanted to make your friend happy!

Zinnias – for the endurance of the long-distance friendship!

Two pinkish purple zinnias growing.

Zinnia’s are cheerful, colorful, bright little flowers.

Everyone who has cultivated them before knows that they are ideal “cut and come again” flowers as they keep on blooming even after they have been cut.

That’s why, their symbolism since the Victorian age hasn’t changed; they symbolize endurance, perseverance, remembrance, and long-lasting love.

A zinnia bouquet is ideal when you want to send the message that not even distance can break the friendship apart.

Sunflowers – for the loyal friends you admire!

Lots of sunflowers growing.

Sunflowers are unapologetically bright and loyal to the sun, always faithfully following it across the sky.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that the symbolism of these flowers is loyalty, adoration, and admiration.

A bouquet of sunflowers would be an ideal gift for that friend you admire so much! It will symbolize your faith in them further showing how highly you think of them.

Chrysanthemums (mums) -for the mom friend who is your rock!

Large planter filled with pink mums blooming.

Chrysanthemums that have been cultivated since 1500 BC are one of the loveliest, most gorgeous, colorful flowers.

On first look, it appears as though each flower has millions of petals which symbolize the millions of good wishes you have for your friend.

Chrysanthemums also known as mums are ideal for the mom friend who always tries to make you look at the bright side, brings joy and well wishes into your life, and helps you improve!

After all, their symbolism is exactly that: optimism, joy, happiness, and good wishes!

Daffodils – for new friendships we hope would last a long time!

White water jug filled with white daffodils in front of window.

Bright, cheerful, not needy – these resilient flowers which are often found blooming in people’s gardens in early spring or autumn are the symbols of new beginnings.

Daffodils often are one of the first flowers we see after dark, gloomy winters and their bright yellow flower always paints a smile on our faces as it reminds us that new, hopeful beginnings are ahead of us!

A bouquet of these flowers will express your hopeful aspirations for a new friendship.

These are also ideal for old friendships when your friend is beginning a new venture or going through some changes. They will remind them to stay hopeful, positive, optimistic, and remember that they always have a great friend on their side cheering for their success!

Gerbera Daisies – for positive, upbeat friendships!

Clear vase with gerbera daisies.

Some people are natural energetic balls that can’t help but bring happiness, hope, cheerfulness, and positivity everywhere they go.

Just a few minutes with these people feels like your energy levels have been restored and you can’t wait to meet them again!

Well, at the next meeting with these people you should bring a bouquet of yellow Gerbera Daisies which symbolize energy and happiness that come from friendships.

Campanulas – for the friends you are grateful to have in your life!

Closeup of purple campanulas flower.

Shockingly purple, simple yet incredibly sophisticated and beautiful, people simply can’t take their eyes away from these tiny beauties!

Campanulas are gorgeous little flowers that are fast-growing through July and August (making them ideal for International Friendship Day) and symbolize gratitude and appreciation.

A pot with these tiny beauties will fill your friend’s heart with joy and appreciation as it shows how grateful you are to have them in your life!

Violets – for friendships that can overcome every hardship!

Blue ceramic planter with violets growing out the top.

These lovely, vivid flowers with asymmetrical petals and heart-shaped leaves have been around since Ancient Greece!

Also, did you know they were Napoleon Bonaparte’s Signature flower? Moreover, did you know that currently, they are the Illinois State Flower?

If you are wondering why so many people are drawn to these flowers, let us tell you their secret. Violets are easily adaptable to their environments and they are incredibly resistant and strong!

They can withstand harsh conditions, symbolizing strength to overcome obstacles and thrive – which makes them ideal gifts for friends with whom you have been through so many hardships and still have each other’s backs!

Gladiolus – to say you are there for them in their hardships!

Pink gladiolus.

Did you know that the British and Mediterranean gladiolus plants were often used for medicinal purposes?

These flowers which had only 7 original species now have more than 10000 cultivated varieties!

And for good reason. Many people love giving gladioli flowers as gifts, first because they are an incredibly beautiful flower, and second because they symbolize strength of character, moral integrity, and endurance!

By gifting Gladiolus you are conveying two messages: first that you have faith in the strength of the person receiving them and believe that they can overcome any obstacle in their way, and second, that you will be right there by their side through all of their hardships! Isn’t this sweet?

Irises – for your wise friend who gives the best advice!

Green ceramic pitcher holding bouquet of Iris flowers.

Irises are incredibly unique and easily recognizable flowers which in Greek mythology were described as “the personification of the rainbow” and symbolized a messenger of the god.

Specifically, purple irises to this day symbolize courage to speak the truth, wisdom, compliments, and admiration.

That is what makes them the ideal gift of gratitude to that friend who is always there for you, and giving you their time and kind words to console you, give you the best advice and give you the hope and faith to move on from difficult situations.

Final thoughts on flowers that symbolize friendship

Friendships are huge parts of our lives and truly help us grow, improve and become the best versions of ourselves.

Much like flowers, each friendship is also incredibly unique, has a gentle, beautiful side that makes it worth the troubles. All friendships, new and old, rekindled or ever-lasting, fierce, feisty and fun, or calm, stable and strong are a pivotal part of our lives and teach us lessons.

Some may come and go, some may last forever, but all leave marks on our life stories. As such, they are worth celebrating. And what better way to celebrate them than by picking out the perfect flower and gifting them with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

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