Welcome to Sunny Home Gardens!  I am hoping this will be a great place to learn about flowers, edible fruits and vegetables, as well as fun ornamentals and houseplants.  As well as a place to go to find inspiration for your garden.

My name is Jenny and I love to garden!  I love adding flowers into our landscaping where I can.

I grew up on a hobby farm with several different animals and a large garden every year.  My Dad made sure to instill a love of gardening in his kids.

Each year my Dad would take my sister and I to the store to pick out which vegetables and fruits we wanted to add to our garden for that year.  We did a bit of seed saving from certain plants each year as well.  Our favorites to plant was several different types of tomato plants, zucchini, corn, and cucumbers.  We also had a strawberry patch.

During this time my Dad, sister and I would also grow tons of flowers to make bouquets and sold them to a local farm stand.  My sister and I were able to share the profits from our sales.  We made sure to save some flower seed to use for growing these flowers the following year.

In later years we moved to a different farm and had a huge fruit and nut orchard.  At this point, I was in college and rented a second house that was on my parents’ property.  There was a huge abundance of apples and pears so I learned how to can and make applesauce as well as apple butter.

I feel so lucky in that my husband loves to garden just as much as I do.  We’ve always had a fruit and vegetable garden.

When we were first married we lived on an incredibly large lot in a small town and had a huge garden.  We planted our favorites again such as peas, beans, several varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, artichokes, asparagus and more.  We also planted a couple rows of cane berries such as blackberries and raspberries.

Fruit trees were another well-loved item we added.  Each year we added more and tried to make sure it was something edible.

Our current house does not have a large lot and what we have hasn’t been the best for growing plants in.  We still make the best of it, but realizing the back half of our property used to be a road and now has a thin layer of dirt over it and our front yard is a giant hill has made us be creative.  We’ve found container gardening to be perfect way to gain some gardening space in our backyard.