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  • Cute baby groot planter in a white pot with some books behind

    Fun Groot Planters to Liven Up Your Home

    Groot planters are such a fun way to add character to your plants. If you’re a Guardian of the Galaxy fan, you probably love all things Groot! Adding Groot décor throughout your home is a great way to add your favorite character to any room of your house. These 14 adorable Groot planters are a […] More

  • best pots for african violets

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    12 Best Pots for African Violets

    Find the best pots for African violets to help make watering and care of these indoor houseplants a bit easier. The adorably fuzzy petals and small structure make African violets a popular choice among gardeners. But caring for African violets is a little more complicated than other plant varieties. In addition to needing plenty of […] More

  • Beautiful Purple African Violet from above

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    How to Care for African Violets

    While African Violets care can be more difficult than some other houseplants, growing African Violets can be well worth the extra effort.  African Violets are a gorgeous addition to any home.  These beauties produce clusters of small purple, white, and blue flowers with fuzzy leaves.  This exotic houseplant has been a cherished favorite of many […] More