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  • Closeup of Poinsettia plant.

    Poinsettia Care

    Learn all about poinsettia care after Christmas and how to keep your poinsettia alive. Poinsettias are a very popular plant around the holidays. After Thanksgiving, many people bring home a poinsettia plant and place it on the mantel in front of a picture window. Although poinsettias are festive and lovely with their red leaves, caring […] More

  • String of turtles in planter.

    String of Turtles Care ~ Everything You Need to Know

    String of turtles is such a cute vining houseplant with leaves that look like the back of turtles. Find out all about string of turtles care and how to keep your plant healthy and thriving. The String of Turtles is a tropical plant indigenous to Brazil. It’s common name is not only string of turtles, […] More

  • closeup of a Christmas Cactus bloom.

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    Christmas Cactus Care and Growing Guide

    Learn the best Christmas Cactus care tips and advice. It is such a bright spot during long winters. With it’s beautiful little flowers in bloom. An interesting fact about the Christmas cactus is that is isn’t a desert cactus. While this cute cactus is part of the cactus family, it actually grows in mountain forests. […] More

  • large Thanksgiving cactus in bloom with pink flowers

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    Christmas Cactus vs Thanksgiving Cactus vs Easter Cactus

    Adding seasonal cacti to your home is a great way to add a pop of color indoors.  But did you know there are three different varieties of holiday cacti that bloom throughout the year?  While the Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter cactus have similar features and characteristics, they are actually very different plants.  If you’re wondering […] More

  • Cutting of Christmas Cactus

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    How to Propagate a Christmas Cactus

    Propagating a Christmas cactus is incredibly easy and probably one of the easiest plants to root. Many times Christmas cacti are passed down in families. Many cuttings are taken from the mother plant and rooted for family members. Christmas cacti are a popular gift to give during the holiday season. But sometimes, it can be […] More

  • Cute baby groot planter in a white pot with some books behind

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    Fun Groot Planters to Liven Up Your Home

    Groot planters are such a fun way to add character to your plants. If you’re a Guardian of the Galaxy fan, you probably love all things Groot! Adding Groot décor throughout your home is a great way to add your favorite character to any room of your house. These 14 adorable Groot planters are a […] More

  • best pots for african violets

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    12 Best Pots for African Violets

    Find the best pots for African violets to help make watering and care of these indoor houseplants a bit easier. The adorably fuzzy petals and small structure make African violets a popular choice among gardeners. But caring for African violets is a little more complicated than other plant varieties. In addition to needing plenty of […] More

  • Beautiful Purple African Violet from above

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    How to Care for African Violets

    While African Violets care can be more difficult than some other houseplants, growing African Violets can be well worth the extra effort.  African Violets are a gorgeous addition to any home.  These beauties produce clusters of small purple, white, and blue flowers with fuzzy leaves.  This exotic houseplant has been a cherished favorite of many […] More