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13 Beautiful Black Perennial Flowers for a Unique Flower Garden

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Black flowers are definitely not something you see in most gardens.

Or even what you think of when you think of the colors of flowers. Typically, we think of flowers as being bright, colorful, playful colors, such as red, purple, yellow, or pink.

But after hearing about black flowers, it’s definitely something that piques your interest to see which flowers come in black.

One of the most interesting facts about Black Perennial flowers is the color “black.

Yes, at first glance, they are black. But, once you own some of them, you will see an almost surprising sight. There are unique varieties that change colors during the day.

One moment they are black and after a few hours turn bright red. How awesome is that?

Black is not just a color to unite a group of perennial plants. They can also be purple, dark brown, burgundy, light red, or dark red.

Beautiful Black Perennial Flowers

These plants can make your garden unique and add exceptionally beautiful dark colors to it. If you want to own a colorful garden, you definitely should have one of the flowers mentioned below.

Petunia – Black Velvet

Dwarf Petunia Black Velvet F1 Hybrid Seeds NON GMO for

You can find Petunias in almost any color, but there are some new engendered variations of this flower today.

One of the most beautiful of them is called “Black Velvet Petunia.” These flowers bloom throughout the whole
summer. Well, maybe except for extremely hot regions.

Tulip – Queen of the Night

Black Queen of the Night Tulip Flower

Most dramatic of all, Queen of Night tulips are gorgeous flowers that appear in the spring and bloom for a short period of two weeks.

Tulips appreciate a cool temperature and are effortless to maintain, which makes them a perfect plant for beginners.

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Viola Black Devil

30  PANSY aka VIOLA Black Devil / Violet House Plant or

If you love to enjoy dark-colored flowers, Violas are one of the exceptionally beautiful flowers that will make your garden a heavenly sight. Besides natural soil, these plants can also be grown in containers. They start to bloom in late winter and last till mid-spring.

Black is Black Bearded Iris

Considered as one of the darkest irises there is, Black is Black Iris is an astonishing black queen.

Adding elegant colors to your garden, its medium-sized dark flowers present an extremely satisfying sight. The perfect time to plant Black is Black Iris is in the fall.

Nigra The Hollyhock

Nigra Hollyhocks are beautiful, strong stem flowers that have an exceptional look.

They need rich soil and direct sunlight to thrive. They bloom from summer to late fall.

If you decide to go with this plant, make sure to grow it in full sun and medium-moisture soil. Hollyhock is a traditional flower and can grow in different climates as well as zones quite easily.

Black Hero – Calla Lily

Calla Lilly Black Hero is mainly used for decorating the dark-colored gardens.

These beautiful lillies have variegated leaves and super dark flowers.The outer layers are green with little white dots on the outside, but the inner, small-sized plant has an astonishing dark color. Another unique feature of this flower is the glowing red edges on flower leaves. Lilly Black Hero must be planted in spring. This baby will produce its flowers in mid summer.

Black Mondo Grass

3 Containers of 2.5 Inch Pot of Black Mondo Decorative Grass

The Black Mondo can grow an astonishing 28 cm tall and 15-28 cm wide.

You will see dark green foliage in the early spring, but it will change its color to a black tone in mid-summer.

Black Mondo can also be container-based, which makes it another decorative dark plant. Some gardeners prefer containers for this wonderful flower. It grows light green grass underneath the black mass plant and then it all comes out as a whole. It is a beautiful sight for any plant lover.

Black Dahlia

10pcs Black Dahlia Seeds Rare Exotic Perennial Beautiful

The cuts on this flower are the most beautiful ones you will ever see.

The deep, red flowers look like black when planted in shade.

The varying dark tone which changes colors from red to black during the day is what makes this plant exceptionally beautiful. The Arabian Night has small flowers, only 10 cm wide and 15 cm around.

Dahlias have a pretty long blooming period. They bloom from early July to early December.

Colocasia Esculenta – The Black Magic

Colocasia black magic can be recognized from its large, dark-shade leaves and tall stem.

Esculenta has dark, dusty leaves that can grow up to 60 centimeters wide. These flowers have a unique growth rate. The more you water them, the taller they will grow. They can even be planted in water as deep as 15 cm. Their blooming time is from early July to late August.

Tacca Chantieri – The Bat Flower

Black Bat Plant  Tacca Chantrieri Live Plant Unique Tropical

Tacca flower is the rarest and most exotic plant you will see in this list.

It mimics a flying bat and has a wide range of color variety. Large leaves precisely represent a bat’s wings. This plant also has a bat head-shaped, large pin as well as a dozen thin tentacle-looking stems on both sides.

Tacca Chantieri starts to bloom in mid-Spring and flourishes until late Fall.

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The Coral Bells – Heuchera Obsidian

Blackout Coral Bells

Heuchera Obsidian, also called the Coral Bells is probably the only plant in our list that can grow almost anywhere.

Borders, flower beds, containers, you name it!

Being one of the largest plants, Coral Bells can grow up to 25 cm tall and 40 cm wide. This flower produces large, fully black colored leaves on the outside with a slight red touch underneath. It is also one of the most contrast contenders on our list.

Besides the big, dark leaves, Heuchera Obsidian also produces thin, pink stems with gorgeous white buds all around. The Coral Bells bloom for a short time, from early May to mid-June.

Siberian Iris – Black Flowered

This beautiful dark purple/black flowered iris has velvety petals and are stunning when they bloom during the summer.

You’ll want to make sure to plant them in the spring.

Hellebore New York Night

Helleborus 'New York Night'  Lenten Rose  3

Hellebore is a beautiful flower and the black color on this New York Night variety is quite striking.

This variety has single flowers with deep black/purple flowers.

This list can go on forever. I just pointed out my favorite types and varieties of black Perennial Flowers. There is so much more to see, it is impossible to cover all of it in one article. If you found your passion for dark-toned flowers, you should go ahead and purchase one of the plants I mentioned above.

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