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  • Blue, pink and purple hydrangea flowers.

    How to Change Hydrangea Color for Gorgeous Blooms

    Learn all about how to change hydrangea color for either blue or pink flowers. Lots of fun to experiment with. With their vibrant flowers, hydrangeas are an irresistible shrub for your landscape.  Hydrangeas are prized for their long-lasting flowers that come in white, pink, blue, and purple shades. Did you know you can transform the […] More

  • Closeup of hosta plant.

    How to Care for Hostas

    Hosta plants have lovely foliage that are perfect for adding to your landscape. Hostas (Hosta x. tardiana) are the go-to perennial plant for shady landscape areas. They require minimal care and their attractive foliage add textural interest as well as bloom color to the landscape from early spring until the first frost of fall. There […] More

  • Daphne in bloom.

    15 Amazing Shrubs for Shade

    15 Amazing shrubs for shade that do well planted under trees If you ask garden owners if they are excited for the upcoming spring and the chance to redecorate their gardens, they will all confirm that they can’t wait to bring the colors back to their beloved gardens. But, they will also agree that there […] More

  • Collage image: Left Rhododendron flower in purple-pink color. Right: azalea flowers in pink.

    Rhododendron vs Azalea

    If you are wondering what’s the difference between rhododendron vs azalea, you’ll want to see the differences below. The similarities between rhododendrons and azaleas are amazing. The two plants even have the same Latin name – Rhododendron – but there are also quite a few differences between the plants. Both azaleas and rhododendrons are popular […] More