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  • Asparagus growing in garden


    How to Grow and Care for Asparagus

    Asparagus or ‘Asparagus officinalis’ is a perennial vegetable that can be harvested year after year, once the first spears are cultivated. Although asparagus is fairly easy to grow and plant, if you’ve never grown it before you may be wondering how do you grow asparagus plants. First things first, you’ll need to bottle up some […] More

  • Asparagus Varieties - White, purple, and green

    Asparagus Varieties

    There are many asparagus varieties and asparagus. The taste difference between different asparagus varieties are subtle. I do personally like the flavor from thinner asparagus spears better than the thicker spears.  And of course, my husband is the opposite of me and prefers the thicker spears. I love growing asparagus in my garden.  After waiting […] More

  • Different Types of Peas visual

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    Varieties and Types of Peas

    One of my favorite memories as a child was going to my Grandma’s house and getting to eat peas from her garden. I know as a kid, I used to wonder about why some pea pods were flat and others had big balls of peas.  Plus, we ate some of the fresh peas with the […] More

  • Freshly Harvested Garlic

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    How to Plant and Grow Garlic

    Garlic is a crop that you can plant in the fall to be harvested in midsummer. Homegrown garlic tastes great, take up very little room in your garden, and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. In fact, even if you have a small garden, you’ll find that you still have sufficient space to plant […] More

  • Haresting Fresh Rhubarb Stems

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    How to Grow and Care for Rhubarb

    Wanting to know how to grow rhubarb?  Rhubarb is very easy to grow, but needs the cold weather in order to propagate. It is a long-lived perennial vegetable that is ready for harvest in early spring. In fact, there are rhubarb plants that have been alive since the 1950’s, so taking excellent care means it […] More