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12 Best Pots for African Violets

best pots for african violets
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Find the best pots for African violets to help make watering and care of these indoor houseplants a bit easier.

The adorably fuzzy petals and small structure make African violets a popular choice among gardeners. But caring for African violets is a little more complicated than other plant varieties.

In addition to needing plenty of indirect sunlight throughout the day, African violets also require a specific amount of water to flourish.

African Violets prefer soil that is moist.  It should never be soggy.  If they receive too much water, this gorgeous houseplant will become susceptible to Root Rot, Crown Rot, Pythium, and other diseases that are deadly to flowers.  

Watering from the bottom is the best way to water your African Violets.  If watering from the top there is a chance the leaves will become spotted.  Spotted leaves can not be removed as this is a form of necrosis.  To water from the bottom of the plant, set your planter in a container of water long enough for the soil to get moist.  

Self-watering devices are available for those that are concerned about watering their violets incorrectly.  These devices eliminate the need to worry about a fungal disease that causes your pretty violets to rot.  

One consideration that you may wish to make when purchasing a pot for your African Violets is a self-watering pot.  This makes it very easy to care for your beauties and you will never need to worry about overwatering them. 

When looking for a pot or container for your African Violets, make sure it is large enough.  If you plant your flowers in a pot that is too small, the roots will not develop properly.  This will cause them to become rootbound, which will not promote new growth.  

Keep in mind that it is advised to repot your African Violets at least twice per year.  Some may need to be repotted more than this.  This method is called “Potting Up”.  You move your plant to a larger pot, using fresh soil.  

One of the best ways to ensure your African violets look amazing year round is to plant them in the correct pot. These 10 pots are the best pots for African violets.

How to Find the Best Pots for African Violets

Finding the perfect pot for your violets can be a little tricky. Since your violets need moist soil on a regular basis, you’ll need to find a pot with great drainage to ensure the soil doesn’t get too wet or dry each day.

When picking the best pot for your African violets, it’s best to stick to three pot varieties:

  • Self-watering pots. These handy pots feature a water reservoir at the bottom of the pot that evenly distributes water the plant as it needs it.
  • Plastic pots with saucers. If you plan to plant your African violet in a plastic pot, choosing one with a saucer on the bottom is essential. The saucer will allow your pot to drain more evenly, ensuring your violets don’t get over-watered.
  • Ceramic pots. The porous construction of ceramic pots make them a great choice for African violets. Choose a ceramic pot with a saucer for maximum drainage.

Best African Violet Pots

These houseplant pots are great options for planting your African violets:

Self Watering African Violet Pot

Make sure your violets have plenty of water all the time with this self watering African violet planter.

Featuring a double-layer design, this planter allows access to water to be stored in the bottom of the pot, ensuring that your flowers get only the water they need each day.

Ceramic Flower Pot

You’ll love the modern ribbed design on these pretty ceramic flower pots. And your African violets will love the drainage at the bottom of the pots!

With a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and a drainage tray attached, this ceramic pot is a great way to keep the soil moist for your flowers without oversaturating the dirt.

Plastic Self Watering Pot

The double-layer design of this plastic self-watering pot is perfect for African violets. The water stored in the bottom of the planter provides a continuous supply of water to the flower for up to 10 days. That means there’s no need to worry if you forget to water your flowers!

Plastic Planter with Drainage

Keep from overwatering your African violets by planting them in a plastic pot with drainage. This planter features drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, along with a bottom tray, to ensure your plants stay hydrated without soaking the soil.

Decorative Self-Watering Pot

Add a little bit of style to your African violets with this decorative self-watering pot.

The lower water reservoir of this stylish pot sits below the flower pot. The pot uses a cotton rope to absorb the water below into the flower’s soil, ensuring that your plant gets only the water it needs. It will hold enough water for at least ten days, making it a great choice if you travel a lot.

Ceramic Pot with Drip Tray

three teal pots, the one i the middle has a fern in it

Featuring a hole in the bottom of the pot, these ceramic pots with drip trays are another great choice for your African violets.

Along with the attached drainage trays, the drainage hole will ensure your flowers get plenty of water without you having to worry about adding to much water to the soil.

Water Indicator Pot

maroon/brownish colored pot with leaf design on lip of pot.  Small clear window at bottom of pot and

Since most self-watering pots use a reservoir in the bottom of the pot, it’s difficult to know exactly how much water is available for your African violets.

This self-watering pot with a water level indicator takes the guesswork out of watering your flowers. Featuring a clear-view window at the bottom of the pot, you can easily see the amount of water inside your self-watering pot.

Injectable Self-Watering Pot

three pots - one blue, one green, and one orange with a small stack of coco soil discs next to them

Some self-watering pots are difficult to refill once your African violets have used all the water in the reservoir.

With this injectable self-watering pot, you can quickly and easily add water to the basin from the top of the pot. And the water level indicator located on the top of the pot makes it simple to see how much water is in the reservoir at any given time.

Clear Self-Watering Pot

2 clear square flower pots stacked on the left, a clear square flower pot with an iris in it on the right.

Another simple way to ensure your African violets have enough water inside their pot is to use a clear self-watering pot.

The clear water reservoir at the bottom of this self-watering pot makes it easy to glance at the pot and see how much water is inside.

Rustic Glazed Ceramic Pot

cute cream with blueish-gray drips around the top creamic planter with ceramic drip tray under.  Several succulents inside planter.

Add some rustic style to your African violets with this beautiful rustic glazed ceramic pot. The pot itself is decorated with a drip design and a rich glaze, creating a rustic look.

The pot also features two levels of drainage for your violets, including a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and a drainage tray to catch excess water.

Self-Watering Ceramic Pot

eramic planter with purple on the bottom and cream on top.

Combine the benefits of a self-watering pot with those offered by a ceramic pot with this ceramic self-watering pot. This beautiful planter features an inner pot and outer pot, creating a self-watering planter that will look amazing inside your home!

Geometric Ceramic Planter

two white ceramic planters with brown geometric designs.  Planter on the left is empty, the planter on the right has green foiliage in it.

If you’re searching for a planter for your African violets with a little bit of style, you’ll love this geometric ceramic planter.

The neutral design is a great way to accent your flowers without taking away from the natural beauty of your African violets. But the style of these ceramic planters isn’t the only benefit to adding these pots to your home!

These ceramic planters also feature two levels of drainage for your violets – a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and a bamboo drainage tray to catch drips.

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