15 Amazing DIY Greenhouses

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Looking for a great DIY greenhouse for your backyard or even a mini greenhouse for starting seeds? You’ll love these ideas!

Greenhouse in garden.

If you’re an avid gardener or homesteader, you probably know that a greenhouse is a valuable addition to any property.

Not only does a greenhouse extend your growing season and allow you to experiment with different plants and growing techniques, but it also allows you to have a space that is a controlled growing environment for your plants to thrive in.

Building a greenhouse isn’t necessarily cheap though. Plus, some of the premade options might not be what you need.

If you build a greenhouse yourself – even if you buy plans for a greenhouse – you can customize it to your needs such as fitting the greenhouse to your space requirements, budget (sometimes you can find free material), and your specific gardening goals.

Why You’d Want to Build a Greenhouse

There are so many reasons why you might want to build a greenhouse in your yard. Or even use a small greenhouse that you can use in your home.

Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Extend your growing season: If you use a greenhouse, you can start your seeds earlier in the year. As well as grow them later into the fall and winter. This allows you to harvest produce for a longer amount of time.
  • Protect plants from extreme weather: Using a greenhouse will protect your plants from harsh weather conditions such as hail, frost, strong winds, heavy rain or even excessive heat. By protecting your plants you can prevent damage to them and make sure you get a more consistent yield.
  • Control growing conditions: Greenhouses allow you to control factors such as temperature, humidity, temperature, light, and ventilation. This can help you optimize plant growth and health.
  • Reduce pest and disease problems: Since a greenhouse provides a barrier between plants and the outside environment, it can help to reduce pest and disease problems, making it easier to maintain healthy plants.
  • Enjoy gardening year round: last and certainly not least, a greenhouse can help you enjoy gardening all year round.

Greenhouse Plans to DIY

Old Window Greenhouse

Greenhouse made from old windows.

This Old Window Greenhouse is made from windows that used to be in a house. It’s a good way to recycle and gives plants a sunny spot to grow. This greenhouse looks cool and is good for the planet too.

Lean-To Greenhouse

Lean-to Greenhouse.

A Lean-To Greenhouse is built against a wall. It doesn’t take a lot of space and is easier to make. It’s perfect for growing veggies and flowers even when it’s cold outside.

Self-Heating Greenhouse Plans

Self-heating Winter Greenhouse Plans pallet and Cow Panels

Want to keep your plants warm in winter? You can build a Self-Heating Greenhouse. These plans show you how to make a greenhouse that stays warm on its own, so you can garden even when it’s snowing outside.

Backyard Greenhouse

Top angled view of a greenhouse.

The Backyard Greenhouse is a bigger project to build. It’s strong and can stand on its own in your garden. You can grow lots of plants in it all year long.

Simple DIY Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse.

Build a Simple DIY Greenhouse with your own hands. This greenhouse is easy to make and helps your plants to stay warm and grow. It’s a good project if you want to start gardening.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Geodesic Greenhouse.

A Geodesic Dome Greenhouse is a round greenhouse that looks like a ball cut in half. It’s strong and holds heat well, so plants stay cozy. This one is fun to build and looks really neat in your yard.

Greenhouse for Succulents

Affordable greenhouse.

Starting a Greenhouse for Succulents is great for these special desert plants. It gives them the right amount of sun and keeps them safe from too much rain. This guide shows you how to make a small greenhouse just for them.

8×12 Greenhouse Plans

8' X 12' Greenhouse Plans PDF Version

If you want to build a big greenhouse in your yard, these 8×12 Greenhouse Plans are a great start. They give you step-by-step instructions to make a greenhouse where you can grow lots of plants.

Cariboo Valley Greenhouse


If you want to grow food even when it’s cold, check out the Cariboo Valley Greenhouse. It’s made to stand up to snow and wind, so you can plant veggies and flowers early in the spring.

Handyman’s Daughter Greenhouse

Small greenhouse.

The Handyman’s Daughter Greenhouse is a cool place to start your garden. It has shelves for lots of plants and clear walls to let in sunlight. This greenhouse is good for beginners who like to build things.

Greenhouse Gardening Envy


Want a garden that your friends will admire? Learn about Greenhouse Gardening Envy. It tells you how to pick the right spot and get your plants growing happily in a greenhouse.

Fairy Greenhouse from Egg Cartons

Fairy Greenhouse.

Make a mini Fairy Greenhouse with kids using egg cartons. It’s a fun way to learn about growing plants from seeds. This little greenhouse is perfect for starting your garden fairy-sized!

Swing N Cocoa Greenhouse

Swing top green house/hoop house.

Check out the Swing N Cocoa Greenhouse if you like doing projects at home. This DIY greenhouse can help your plants grow and doesn’t cost too much to make. And I just love it – looks fairly simple to make and perfect for planting directly where you want your plants to grow, but need just a bit more heat.

Farm Show Greenhouse

Hoop house over raised garden bed.

The Farm Show Greenhouse has lots of cool ideas for building your own greenhouse. This one is great, where you can slide the “greenhouse” over your raised garden bed.

Petunia 7×10 Lean-to Greenhouse

Petunia 7' X 10' DIY Lean-to Greenhouse Building Guide

Want a greenhouse that doesn’t need too much space? Try making a Petunia 7×10 Lean-to Greenhouse. This one can fit into smaller gardens and is perfect if you’re dying to have a greenhouse, but don’t have much space. It’s a cozy spot for your plants to grow.

Final Thoughts on Greenhouses

There are so many different options for greenhouses. I hope you found one that is just right for your place.

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