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13 DIY Raised Garden Beds

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Gardening is a past time that is enjoyable, but when it can be frustrating if you don’t have the right conditions.

Whether it’s due to physical constraints that make bending over difficult, poor soil conditions, or limited space in urban settings, raised beds offer a practical and efficient alternative.

They elevate the gardening experience—literally and figuratively—allowing gardeners of all ages and abilities to grow their favorite plants, vegetables, and flowers with ease.

Moreover, raised garden beds can transform any space into a lush, productive area. They are especially useful for those dealing with rocky terrain, nutrient-poor soil, or simply seeking to maximize their gardening output in a small area. By elevating the soil above ground level, these beds offer better drainage, improved soil conditions, and a barrier against pests.

We’ve curated a mix of DIY raised garden bed plans to suit a variety of needs and skill levels.

From stylish trellis-enhanced beds ideal for vining plants to ergonomically designed options that reduce strain, there’s something for every gardener. And for those concerned about aesthetics, these beds aren’t just functional—they can be a charming addition to your outdoor space.

Recognizing that different gardeners have different needs, we’ve included both paid and free plans. Whether you’re looking for a simple project to start this weekend or a more elaborate setup to enhance your garden, our selection aims to provide you with the inspiration and instructions you need to make your gardening dreams a reality.

DIY Raised Garden Bed with Trellis Plans

DIY Raise Garden Bed With Trellis Plans PDF

Bring a charming touch to your garden with this DIY Raised Garden Bed with Trellis. It’s perfect for climbing beauties like roses or sweet peas or vining veggies like cucumbers.

Brick Raised Garden Bed

Making a raised garden bed out of bricks can be a fun project. Here are some guidelines on building a raised garden bed out of brick to help you know the best way to go about it.

Raised Garden Planter Plans

Raised Garden Planter Plans / PDF Plans / Raised Planter Plans / Garden Bed / Corrugated Metal Planter / Steel Planter / DIY Planter

These Raised Garden Planter Plans provide a simple, cost-effective solution for a 64″ x 26″ and 25″ tall planter, suitable even for beginners. The design focuses on ease of tending, efficient space usage, and pest deterrence. It’s ideal for those who love fresh herbs, veggies, or whatever you want to grow right on your patio.

Simple DIY Raised Garden Bed

Base of a simple raised garden bed.

Begin your gardening journey with the Simple DIY Raised Garden Bed. This easy-to-build garden bed is great for growing a variety of veggies and herbs, even in small backyards, and teaches valuable life lessons to children about growing their own food.

Raised Garden Bed with Privacy Screen DIY Plans

The Raised Garden Bed with Privacy Screen is a gardener’s dream. Grow your favorite climbing veggies like cucumbers or beans while adding a touch of privacy and elegance to your outdoor space.

Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden bed.

Overcome tough gardening conditions with the Raised Garden Bed design. Ideal for rocky or hard soil areas, this garden bed lets you easily pick fresh salad greens right from your backyard – a true delight for healthy eaters!

2 x 4 DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Box

2 X 4 DIY 5-gallon Bucket Planter Box Plans an Incredible

Get creative with the 2 x 4 DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Planter Box. It’s a game-changer for urban gardeners, perfect for growing a mini herb or flower garden on your balcony or small patio.

Galvanized Container Garden Bed

Raised garden beds made out of galvanized metal water troughs are popular in my neighborhood. You can find one of these at your local farm store such as Wilco or Coastal Farm & Ranch.

Double Clamshell Raised Garden Bed Plans

Double Clamshell Raised Garden Bed Plans DOWNLOADABLE FILE

Protect your garden with the Double Clamshell Raised Garden Bed Plans, featuring a unique double-clamshell design. It’s a fortress against critters, ideal for safeguarding your lettuce, carrots, or strawberries from curious wildlife.

Raised Garden Bed with Deer Fence Plans

Raised Garden Bed With Deer Fence Plans

Build a secure and spacious gardening area with the Raised Garden Bed with Deer Fence Plans. It’s perfect for keeping those pesky deer away from your prized tomatoes and peppers.

Strawberry Pyramid Planter Plans

Strawberry Pyramid Planter Plans Tower Planter Plans

The Strawberry Pyramid Planter is a space-savers dream. Grow strawberries, herbs, or succulents in style – ideal for small gardens or urban balconies.

DIY Tiered Raised Garden Bed

Tiered raised planter with trellis behind it.

This DIY Tiered Raised Garden Bed is beautiful and practical. Perfect for a variety of plants, it’s especially great for cascading flowers or strawberries, creating a lovely display.

How to Build an Elevated Garden

Raised garden box.

Transform your small outdoor space into a lush haven with this Elevated Garden. These customizable table gardens are perfect for apartment living, allowing you to grow fresh organic veggies right on your patio or deck.

DIY Container Garden

Container gardening bed.

Revamp your gardening game with the DIY Container Garden. Perfect for growing a bounty of veggies in a compact space, it’s a great solution for those previously disappointed with their gardening results.

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