14 Fun Groot Planters to Liven Up Your Home

Cute baby groot planter in a white pot with some books behind
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Groot planters are such a fun way to add character to your plants.

If you’re a Guardian of the Galaxy fan, you probably love all things Groot!

Adding Groot décor throughout your home is a great way to add your favorite character to any room of your house. These 14 adorable Groot planters are a fun way to add some Groot décor to your home. And they serve double duty by being an adorable way to display your favorite flowers, too!

Adorable Groot Planters

Thinking Groot Planter

thinking Groot planter

Decorate your home with this adorable thinking Groot planter.

It features a cute Groot character, along with a small flower pot on top perfect for succulents or cactus.

The drainage hole in the bottom of the planter ensures your plants get enough water each day.

Heart Groot

Plant your favorite small plant in the top of Groot’s head with this adorable heart Groot planter.

This small planter is a great way to display your flowers with a little bit of Guardians of the Galaxy style. And the cute heart-shape that Groot is making with his hands only adds to the charm of this adorable Groot planter.

Concrete Groot Planter

Baby Groot Concrete Planter Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art

Add some style to your home with this handmade concrete Groot planter.

Its large size makes it great for displaying larger houseplants. And its unique style is sure to make a statement in any room of your home.

Each concrete planter is made to order, which means no two planters are alike. You can choose a natural concrete look or add color to your planter to ensure it blends with the rest of your home’s décor.

Baby Groot Planter

Are you a fan of baby Groot?

You’ll love this adorable baby Groot planter!

Plant your favorite plant in the top of Groot’s head.

You can be sure your plant will stay healthy and hydrated thanks to the drainage hole in the bottom of the planter. And the cute bird in a nest that Groot is holding makes this fun planter perfect for any room.

Groot Air Plant Holder

I am Groot Air Plant Display  GildedTilly

Purify your home’s air with the help of Groot!

This cute Groot air plant holder is a great way to display your houseplant.

The cute design with big black eyes is a nod to the loveable Guardians of the Galaxy character. And since each pot is handmade, you can be sure your Groot planter will be one of a kind.

Baby Groot Flower Planter

If you plan on displaying flowers in your Groot planter, this cute baby Groot flower planter is a great choice.

Since Groot is holding a yellow flower in his hand, it makes the perfect accent to the flowers planted inside. This cute planter is constructed of PVC material, which means its ecofriendly and durable.

Metal Groot Planter

Cute Heavy Metal Baby Groot 3d Printed Flowerpot Planter

While most Groot planters are all the same style and color, sometimes you want something different!

This cool metal-look Groot planter is a unique way to display your houseplants.

Each pot is constructed of eco-friendly plastic, so it’s safe for plants and will stay rust-free after watering your plants. But the finish gives this fun planter a metal look.

When purchasing you can choose between shiny copper or metal grey for your planter – both color choices create a metal-like look on the exterior of the planter, adding a modern touch to your Guardians of the Galaxy pot.

Action Figure Flower Pot

Fans of older Groot will love this action figure flower pot, which features a full-sized Groot head perfect for planting. Add your favorite plant to the top of Groot’s head and display it anywhere in your home.

Made of high-quality materials, this Groot planter is durable and easy to clean, making it a great choice for displaying any of your favorite houseplants.

Groot Head Planter

Groot Head Pot Planter Next day Shipping

This cool 3D planter is another fun way to display your potted plants.

Each handmade pot features Groot’s head as the plant holder, making it a great choice for your houseplants.

And since you can choose from three different sizes, you can be sure to find a Groot head planter to fit any of your favorite plants.

Groot Flower Pot

With this cute Groot flower pot, you can grow a variety of mini plants.

The large head and flat bottom make this Groot planter a great choice for decorating your desk or other small surface. And the plastic construction makes it a great choice for younger Groot fans interested in gardening.

Your kids can easily take care of their own Groot plant without fears of breaking or damaging the pot.

3D Printed Planter

Baby Groot Air Plant Desk Planter Drop Proof Modern Decor

Display your air plants with a little bit of Groot style with this cute 3D printed planter. Constructed of eco-friendly plastic, this air plant holder is a great way to dress up any flat surface.

In addition to an adorable planter, this Groot pot also comes with an air plant, making it a great gift idea for any Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

Groot Hydroponic Stump

Grow your own Groot at home with this cool Groot hydroponic stump!

Each tree stump is around four inches high and features a mini Groot sitting on top. Simply add some water to the pot, place it in a sunny spot, and watch your Groot stump sprout its own branches!

Groot Planter Set

Can’t decide which Groot planter you like best?

There’s no reason you can’t get more than one! With this cute Groot planter set, you’ll get four different Groot planters.

Each planter features Groot in a different position with a different facial expression, which means you’ll have four different ways to display your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character in your home.

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