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I love buying heirloom seeds. Here are the best seed companies I’ve used.

If you grow your vegetables and fruit from seed, you know how important having good seed to grow from is.

From better germination rates to having the seeds be heirloom so you can save the seeds for the following year.

In the past several years so many heirloom seed companies have started, which is awesome. Or maybe, they just brought their companies online so they are easier to find.

When my husband and I first started gardening I spent hours searching and trying to find the best heirloom seed companies. From that initial search I found a handful of companies we ordered from.

We were happy with the results from them. Our little seeds were planted and grew into strong, healthy plants and we had great harvests from them.

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Best Vegetable Seed Companies

The companies below are all companies I have personally ordered and planted seeds from.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – We’ve been ordering seeds from this company for almost 15 years. The owners seem like really nice people who are making an effort to keep rare and unusual seeds around. The selection is amazing for different varieties you don’t see in many seed catalogs or stores.

Sample Seed Shop – I’ve purchased seeds from here many times. I love it being a small business and how she updates the website with an estimate on how long shipments are taking. It’s a good place to shop if you only want a few seeds of each type.

Seeds Now – I’ve purchased from here in the past. The seeds arrived super quick. There was a mixup where they sent a packet of the wrong type of squash (I could totally see myself doing the same). I emailed and they were quick to ship out the correct package. Their customer service was great!

Territorial Seeds – This is a local-ish company to me. Just about an hour drive away. They have a great selection of seeds – I especially love all the tomato varieties. If you are looking for heirloom seeds, while they do offer a LOT of them, they also have hybrid seeds. So, make sure to look out for this.

Let me know in the comments below who you love to order seeds from!

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