Basil Companion Plants

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Find out the best basil companion plants with this list of plants. Companion planting is a great way to increase yield, flavor

Closeup of basil leaves.

Out of all the herbs, I think growing basil in the garden is one of my all time favorites.

There are so many different varieties to choose from and basil is such a great companion plant.

Basil Companion Plants

The truth is that basil is a great plant to grow in many places in the garden and you may want to consider growing more basil plants and using them for repelling garden pests in your garden.

Growing basil plants around your garden means you will always have enough of this herb for pesto, to spice up a salad or nearly any Italian dish, and to dry for use over the winter.

Basil is a great companion plant for most plants in the garden, loves full sun, but can thrive in light shade as well making it the perfect filler plant or living mulch option.

Why should you companion plant basil?

If you are using companion planting in your garden, you know that certain plants help to repel pests, attract beneficial insects, and can increase flavor or yield for plants.

Basil is one of the best companion plants in the garden.

Basil helps deter pests and even to enhance the flavor of some other plants like tomatoes.

Basil comes in many varieties, some quite ornamental making them perfect for placing in your flower beds to help grow more edible food in your space.

Best Plants for Companion Planting Basil

Tomato Plants

basil growing next to tomatoes in a planter

The most important plant to consider planting basil with is the tomato plant.

When you plant these two together the basil will help to repel insect pests from tomatoes while helping to increase the yield and enhance the flavor of the tomatoes.

Opal basil is great for repelling the tomato hornworm.

While these two make an amazing combination in the kitchen, complementing each other that same effect works in the garden.

Pepper Plants

Hand holding red pepper on plant.

Tomatoes are not the only vegetable that grows well with the basil plant.

You can grow basil in your vegetable garden with peppers of all varieties to help protect the younger tender plants from pests and to repel aphids.

Green Beans

Hands holding freshly picked green beans.

While basil and tomatoes grow well together you will be happy to know that basil will grow well with green beans as well.

Allowing you to use the trio to make the most of your garden space while helping to complement them all for a thriving and very productive garden to help feed your family.

Root Vegetables

Closeup of beet growing in dirt.

Basil can make a great barrier plant for garden beds full of root vegetables like carrots, beets, and parsnips.

The leafy tops of these vegetables are favorites of rabbits and other small animals as well as insects like cabbage worms that tend to avoid the strong fragrance of basil.


Marigold flowers.

Pair basil and marigold for a powerful pest fighting duo. The two can grow well together and they both are great at helping to control pests in your garden.

Then alternate between the two adding in other great options like onions and garlic to help protect your garden beds. You can fully harvest your basil early to make more room for mature plants after using the basil to protect young tender ones.


Herbs growing in planter.

Adding basil to your herb garden with oregano, chives, and chamomile not only grow well together due to liking the same conditions; these herbs will help increase the flavor and fragrance of your basil.

This helps to increase the repellent properties of your basil and can make the best batch of pesto you have ever had while giving you a great supply of these other amazing herbs.

Choose a unique variety of basil to grow in your garden beds with flowers. This is best for flowers that are not being grown for their fragrance as the basil can change the scent of flowers grown nearby while protecting them from pests.

Basil makes a great edible filler for your garden beds or even a garden edging. To make the plant really pop you can choose a purple variety.


asparagus growing.

Growing basil around your asparagus patch is a great way to help repel asparagus beetle and aphids that can take over your asparagus patch easily, while attracting ladybugs that are natural predators of these pests.

This is a great way to help protect this valuable vegetable during it’s growing season so you can get a great harvest every year.

What should you not grow with basil?

Cucumber growing on trellis.

Basil should not be planted near cucumbers. This is because cucumbers tend to take on the flavor of any pungent plants that are growing nearby.

If you plant basil near your cucumbers they may take on a less than pleasant taste that can render them nearly useless in your kitchen.

Basil, like most other plants, should not be grown near fennel. This is because fennel lets off a chemical into the soil that is toxic to most other plants.

If you grow this nearby your basil or any of your other plants you risk them dying. If you want to grow fennel, grow it in a pot where it will not be sharing the soil with other plants.

Sage and rue while both are great companion plants for roses in the flower beds are not good companions for basil. This is because these herbs can affect the taste and fragrance of each other, leaving you with a large batch of herbs that don’t quite taste right.

Stick to planting basil with things that will enhance the flavor in a good way.

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