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  • Best Ways To Prune

    How, When, and Why to Prune Tomato Plants

    When growing any plant we always want it to yield bigger and better fruits and flowers. Other than giving plants love and care, you can also help them maintain better health and produce more by pruning regularly. Although tomatoes are one of the plants that don’t require pruning to thrive, it can help with disease […] More

  • planter box with tomatoes and basil a tomato companion plant

    22 Best Companion Plants for Tomatoes

    Summer is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking of planting your garden. Which crop will you introduce to another to make friends? While this seems odd to say, many plants thrive off other plants. Whether it is fruits, vegetables, or flowers, there are generally a few companions for various types […] More

  • large tomato plant growing in planter

    Awesome Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Buckets

    When it comes to growing vegetables in the garden, whether for an expert gardener or a beginner, tomatoes are always on top of their list. Besides being one of the easiest plants to grow, tomatoes are one of the most satisfying crops to harvest, too. If you don’t have a large garden, or a lot […] More

  • Tomato Seeds on seed envelope with label

    How to Save Tomato Seeds – Easily

    Other than buying tomato seeds or seedlings for your garden, there is a more economical and money-saving technique, which is to be harvesting tomato seeds from the bounty of your tomato fruits. It is not complicated to save your own tomato seeds. If you have fully ripe, disease-free tomatoes, then you have the perfect setup […] More

  • How to get rid of tomato plant pests organically

    Tomato Plant Pests – Secrets to Getting Rid of Them Organically!

    The last thing you want after you’ve spent your time and effort growing tomato plants is for some garden pests to eat your plants! As a gardener, you are probably used to dealing with several different creepy crawlies!  The tomato pests to be aware of and make sure to protect your tomato plants from are […] More