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    How to Grow and Care for Amaryllis

    Amaryllis bulbs have beautiful flowers.  Out of all the flowering bulbs you could plant in your garden, amaryllis flowers are one of the easier to take care of. Amaryllis can be planted indoors or outdoors, and over an extended period of time. The large flowers that bloom from amaryllis makes this flower a popular and […] More

  • planting mums in the garden

    How to Grow and Care for Mums (Chrysanthemums)

    Planting Chrysanthemums can brighten up any garden. Chrysanthemums are considered the perfect fall flower. Also known as Mums, this plant from the Daisy family looks perfect even when the temperature drops. There are many mum colors: there are red mums, orange, white, and yellow mum varieties. They look great in a flower arrangement, but they […] More